About Us

THE ODWAR FUND is an N.G.O (Non Governmental Organisation) registered with Uganda’s N.G.O Board with Charity NO: S.5914/8126.

It was set up to, among other things, perform the objectives as already highlighted in the Articles & Memorandum of Association and laid down under “ what we do”.

THE ODWAR FUND’S Child Protection Policy is:

We support CHILDREN to develop knowledge and have the confidence to question traditional views. Children are given channels for reporting all forms of child rights violation and rights based approach to programming is our guiding principle. A family inclusive approach to child protection is our mandate. We advocate for remote community response to child protection issues. We ensure a collaborative relationship with child protection departments and other agencies to ensure that children are culturally, physically and emotionally safe.

THE VISION OF THE ODWAR FUND is “Ending Charity altogether among communities” and

THE MISSION is “improving lives of the rural community through equitable creation of opportunities in a holistic manner”.

OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLE: We ensure that 100% of donor funds go to the “right cause”, we do what we say we will do when it comes to Budget management. A zero tolerance to corruption is key to our work. We are a Christian Organization but we engage with all stakeholders and support every people in our bringing about development – Share Christ’s love with all!!

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