The following are objectives of The Odwar Fund:

1. Help orphans and vulnerable children get scholarships and scholastic materials to be able to go to school and achieve their educational rights irrespective of tribe, race or where they come from and we look at Access, Quality and Transit to post primary cycles with eventual University education while providing great ideal of leadership training to all beneficiaries so that they are well brought up into quality and responsible citizens.

2. Promote the health of rural communities in Northern Uganda and Uganda more generally in terms of HIV/AIDS care, reproductive health, community health awareness, water and sanitation so as to have a healthy community of the 21st century.

3. Engage in Livelihoods enhancement and improve economic capacities of rural communities through Micro-enterprise development, small business skills training, Agricultural productivity through better farming methods, better agronomic practices among others

4. Provide Psycho-social intervention to children and general community as a way of building resilience among them after more than two decades of life in refugee camps resulting from the LRA war. Human rights and child rights interventions, gender based violence prevention, peace building and reconciliation programs to mention just a few.

THE ODWAR FUND therefore besides being a christian founded organization believes in holistic intervention to humaniterian needs and also accountability in all respects.

We will remain committed to our cause as we work towards building a sustainable development for our people as we strive to achieve the Millenium Development Goals but having in mind the idea that all human’s irrespective of where they come from, rich or poor have got fundamental rights that should be respected and protected.

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